Terms & Conditions

Smooth Process Through Clear Communication

We strive for a cohesive, personalized experience through our customized process; design, build, install and beyond…  Below is our set of Terms and Conditions that, clearly discussed from the onset, have lead to hundreds of successful projects and happy homeowners.

Terms of Cabinetry Purchase & Sale 

  • Signature of Purchaser, or Purchaser’s Agent, constitutes an order. The titles Purchaser and Homeowner may be used interchangeably.

  • Pricing is valid for a period of 30 days from date listed on Cabinetry Package Agreement.

  • *Cabinetry Agreement consists of multiple documents. Price reflects CABINET LAYOUT & ELEVATION DRAWINGS and CABINET SPECIFICATION SHEET (all of which must be signed by Purchaser).*

  • **Payment schedule is 50% deposit upon Order Placement, 45% on Delivery Day, and 5% upon Completion. Late payments are subject to interest charges of 2% per month (26.8% annually) on outstanding balance. Half of the total project price can be made by credit card. The other half is to be by cheque, bank draft, etransfer, bank wire or cash. Cheques/money orders/bank drafts are to be made to COMPLETE CABINET WORKS. See administration or Designer for etransfer email address.**

  • Pricing is based on one-stage installation of a series of consecutive days, and includes a subsequent service call for incidentals. The service date will be dependent upon the circumstances, including lead time of any parts required. Charges may apply for multiple-stage installation.

  • Cabinet layout drawings are released upon the provision of the design retainer. The cabinet design retainer amount is applied to cabinet cost upon order.

  • Pricing is subject to site measurements. Dimensions and size designations may need adjustment during installation and/or due to jobsite conditions.

  • Pricing & drawings are subject to confirmation of appliance specifications. Brand and model numbers to be provided by homeowner.

  • If any changes to cabinetry occur after sign-off, cost and leadtime may need adjustment to reflect alterations.

  • Lead times of cabinetry orders commence upon final decisions and order placement.

  • Cabinetry is covered by a limited life-time warranty, to the original Purchaser, and to be free from defects in material and workmanship. The warranty includes replacement of parts/products found to be defective under normal use. The warranty does not apply in the case of normal wear and tear, misuse, environmental issues including but not limited to water or humidity damage, exposure to extreme heat or humidity, or improper storage or handling. Overloading of drawers or shelving is not considered a warranty issue. If final invoice is not paid in full, warranty is invalid.

  • It is the nature of wood to have a variety of colors and grain patterns, therefore, it is normal for variations to take place.

  • Joinery may telegraph through a 5-piece primed/painted cabinet door. Hairline cracks in finishes, along these joints, can occur due to the inherent nature of wood.

    Cabinet Delivery Deposit is due on delivery day. Cabinetry shall, upon and after delivery to the premises, be at the risk of the Purchaser, and all loss or damage to the product (including that which is caused by a third party and/or contractors) shall be borne by the Purchaser.

  • Title to the goods shall remain with the cabinet company until total balance of order is paid, at which time, absolute title shall pass to the buyer.

Conditions of Cabinetry Purchase Process & Installation

  • Drawings are artistic presentations of the general appearance of the design, and are not exact renditions. Cabinet doorstyle, hardware, including placement etc., may be conceptual and are general representations in drawings.

  • An allowance for cabinet hardware is included in pricing. Standard sizes and locations are predetermined. If homeowner requires alternative styles, sizes and/or custom placement, an additional charge may be applied to your cabinetry package. Hardware is to be selected at least 4 wks prior to cabinet installation, to allow for order processing/delivery. Handles/knobs are required for cabinet installation, and homeowner inaction may lead to delays and extra costs.

  • “Third-party” cabinet accessories not assembled and installed by cabinet manufacturer, may have missing parts or break during on-site cabinet installation. This may affect cost to homeowner and timeframe of job completion. Occasionally, general workmanship (including that of proposed soft-closing mechanisms) is not as expected. Viewing such accessories may not be possible, therefore, homeowners are encouraged to select from manufacturer’s catalog.

  • The fit and use of sink cabinet “tip-outs”, under-sink accessories, including built-in garbage bins, are subject to plumbing clearances, which is difficult to anticipate. Fit and functionality for such items cannot be guaranteed until finished plumbing is complete.

  • Cabinet tops and undersides are that of the case construction material, unless expressly noted. Standard pull-out shelves for TFL (thermally-fused laminate, aka melamine) case construction packages, have TFL bottoms with side-rails. Upgrade to solid TFL pull-out box is available upon request.

  • The length of cabinet installation depends on the size of the project. It is common for a kitchen to take approximately 2-3 days. A whole house, including vanities, wall units and/or fireplace cabinetry can take anywhere from 5-10 days.
    Any demolition, remodeling, reconstruction or preparation of site is the responsibility of the Homeowner, unless specifically noted.

  • All plumbing and electrical is to be by others, unless otherwise explicitly communicated. Cutting for outlets, switches and pucklights are to be marked out for cabinet installer by Homeowner, or installer will cut as he deems apparent. All plumbing exposure required will be determined by cabinet installer unless otherwise directed.

  • For optimal fit/finish of toekick and panels that sit on the floor, flooring should be laid prior to cabinet install. If flooring is expected to be installed prior to cabinet delivery/install, and this sequence is altered by the homeowner, charges may apply. For floating floors, it is recommended that cabinets are placed first. If flooring is to be laid after cabinets are installed, see Installation Conditions (below) that need to be satisfied.

  • If flooring is to be after cabinet install, acknowledgement is required from homeowner in the following areas; Cabinets are left level for countertop templating. Adjustable legs are not to be adjusted by flooring installers.
    Panels that are to (appear to) sit on the floor, may be trimmed, and left “floating” for flooring installer to slip flooring under. A floor sample must be on site for cabinet installer to determine clearance required. In instances where this process is not possible (at the discretion of the cabinet installer only), the cabinet installer will install cabinetry on sub-floor.
    This approach may affect the fit of appliances.

  • Cabinet delivery path should be protected prior to cabinet arrival. Cabinet supplier cannot be held responsible for damage to unprotected floors.

  • Site is to be clear of debris, obstacles, appliances, and other trades (within the immediate vicinity) on day of installation. Delays or charges may apply if site condition impedes delivery or installation. Cabinet installer requires space (area to be dry and of adequate size) to set tools and perform installation tasks, such as cutting. Some debris from installation (sawdust…) within the vicinity is bound to be present during/after installation.

  • Countertop is not included unless expressly noted.

  • It is common for countertop measure to occur on the last day of, or the day after last day of, cabinet installation. The countertop is sent to production after confirmation of details (colour selection, edge profile…). Only after this final sign-off, is an installation date provided. In general, this process can take 15-17 business days.

Although we try to streamline our process, each project may present a slightly different situation.  All projects are considered on an individual basis, therefore, at our discretion, we may tailor our process to suit a unique circumstance.